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Oat Slice

Golden Oat & Coconut Oat Slice

Golden Oat & Coconut Oat Slice

Rustic little slices of home-style comfort made with Aussie oats and crunchy coconut. They look and taste like they’re fresh from your oven – only we’ve done all the baking for you!

  • No Added Nuts

Nutritional information

Servings per package: 6 Serving size: 35g

Average quantity per serving 35g Average quantity per 100g
Energy 651kJ (156kcal) 1860kJ (445kcal)
Protein 2.0g 5.8g
Fat, total 7.8g 22.2g
- saturated 5.7g 16.3g
Carbohydrate 18.4g 52.6g
- sugars 8.5g 24.3g
Dietary Fibre 2.2g 6.2g
Sodium 49mg 141mg

Contains: Gluten and Milk Products.

May be present: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds and Egg.

We have not added any nuts to this recipe however we do bake other products in our kitchens that do contain nuts.



Whole Grain Oats 16%, Whole Grain Oat Flour 14%, Coconut 14%, Butter (Cream), Brown Sugar, Wheat Flour (Folate), Golden Syrup, Grape Juice, Grain Dextrins, Baking Soda, Natural Flavour.

Scrumptiously soft-baked, perfect for your lunchbox.


  • The Golden Oat & Coconut Oat Slice is my absolute favourite of all the Carman's Oat Slices. Unfortunately it is also the favourite of my 3 year old grandson. Now when I shop I have to buy at least 2 boxes so that when he comes to my house each afternoon we both can have one for afternoon tea. Well done Carman's! – Denise
  • My absolute favourite, I just wish the box was bigger and I didn't have to hide them from the kids. – Mel
  • I love these bars. Delicious and moorish, perfect with an afternoon cup of tea. Well done Carman's. – Lynneth
  • I bought one of these as a snack recently and have to say that I was really disappointed at how sugary it tasted, it was quite sickly. While I did expect it to have some sugar content, I thought that for an oat slice, it was unnecessarily sweet – Anna
  • i LOVE these i want to make my own but i can not find a recipie any where :(, please share the recipe – tan
  • I love all the various flavour combinations and buy them when they are on special. It is a pity that the box does not hold the 100 gram sizes. – Gaye
  • Absolutely love the taste of these! A great meal sub for a busy day! Downside, they crumble a lot! I've never successfully managed to take the bar out of the bag! – Andrea
  • These oat bars are the bomb honestly can’t get enough of them . – Jaye

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