The benefits of eating muesli

It’s often said that breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets…

Why enjoy muesli for breakfast?

A recent review has confirmed that breakfast cereal eaters have more nutritious diets, with more chance of meeting recommended nutrient intakes and a reduced risk of being overweight than those non breakfast eaters or those selecting alternative options. High fibre and whole grain breakfast cereals like ours have been found to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Pretty incredible stuff!

As muesli is based predominantly on oats (which are 100% whole grain) it has a long list of health benefits. It is a convenient breakfast food and incredible value for money when you really think about it. What other healthy meal could fill you up for less than $1 per serve?

• It is an easy and delicious way to add fibre to your diet, with approximately 3–5 grams of dietary fibre in one serve towards the recommended 25–30 grams. You can add even more fibre by adding linseed, psyllium or wheat germ.

• It is low GI being based on slowly-digesting oats, with the addition of yoghurt or milk slowing digestion even further and keeping us full for longer.

• Oats contain a soluble fibre, beta-glucan, which can assist with lowering cholesterol levels.

As you can see, on its own muesli has some amazing nutritional benefits, and once you add your milk or yoghurt, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, it is a nutrition power house, providing:

• Vitamin C from the addition of seasonal fruits

• Extra dietary fibre from the addition of fruit, especially if skins are left intact

• Calcium from the addition of milk or yoghurt

• Protein from both dairy and non-dairy sources, including oats, nuts and seeds

• Healthy fats from the addition of some extra nuts and seeds

• B Vitamins from both the oats and the addition of milk or yoghurt

• Minerals including manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and copper