Start the Day with Dairy

The benefits of dairy products added to your muesli:

We all know that dairy foods are high in calcium, which we use for developing and maintaining strong bones. Calcium is not the only nutritional benefit that dairy foods offer though; some dairy foods are bursting at the seams with a unique line up of vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Vitamin A: important for normal reproduction, vision and immune function
  • Vitamin B12: helps to keep blood healthy and maintain neurological function
  • Riboflavin: helps cells to function properly
  • Phosphorus: aids in the growth and repair of cells and tissues. Phosphorus also works with calcium to provide structure and strength to bones and teeth
  • Potassium: helps with heart function and contraction of skeletal and smooth muscle
  • Vitamin D: helps to maintain required calcium levels in the body
  • Magnesium: important in bone structure and maintains nerve and muscle function
  • Zinc: helps with wound healing and is essential for normal growth and development
  • Carbohydrate: provides energy for all the cells in the body
  • Protein: needed for growth and development and muscle maintenance. Protein helps to repair damaged body tissues.

These dairy and dairy alternatives added to your muesli or porridge will provide a nutrient boost:

Yoghurt: natural yoghurt will give you an extra dose of protein, calcium, and B vitamins, as the nutrients are not diluted with sweeteners such as fruit puree or sugar. Yoghurt is also a great pro-biotic which our guts love. Alternatively, if you prefer a flavoured yoghurt, try to find one with smaller amounts of additives and sugar – these are still packed with nutrition (with a little extra taste!)

Milk: full cream, reduced fat or skim milk, all dairy milks are rich sources of protein and calcium, along with an array of micronutrients, as above. A tough combination to beat.

Soy Milk: a good dairy alternative for those who cannot or prefer not to have dairy products. Soy milk is a great source of protein, however, it is not naturally high in calcium like dairy milk, so ensure you look for a brand that is fortified with calcium, especially If using this as a dairy milk replacement.

Ricotta: a lower energy dairy cheese option, ricotta cheese is a creamy protein and calcium source, naturally low in sodium that can make an interesting addition to your morning muesli.