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Golden Oat & Coconut

Golden Oat & Coconut

Scrumptious rustic-style Muesli Cookies with Aussie rolled oats & the delicious flavour of golden syrup, baked to perfection with the added benefit of a 3.5 health star rating

    Nutritional information

    Servings per packaging: 9  Serving size: 24g

    Average Quanity per Serving Average Quality per 100g
    Energy 449kJ 1870kJ
    Protein 1.3g 5.6g
    Fat, total 4.7g 19.8g
    -saturated 1.4g 5.9g
    Carbohydrate 13.5g 56.2g
    -sugar 3.5g 14.5g
    Dietary Fibre 2.7g 11.3g
    Sodium 20mg 83mg

    CONTAINS: Wheat, Gluten, Soy.

    MAY CONTAIN: Egg, Milk, Tree Nuts, Peanut, Sesame


    Wheat Flour, Rolled Oats 14%, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Antioxidant [307b]), Sugar, Vegetable Fibre, Golden Syrup 6%, Desiccated Coconut 4%, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Starch (Wheat), Salt, Natural Flavour.


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